Vertical Horizon Scanning 44455 – a new dimension in knowledge production


Vertical Horizon Scanning

More than left and right.


A spiritual model for open evolution and sustainable mankind in the universe.

A new dimension in knowledge production

How can we decide, which is important and which question is essential in future research? It’s not a democratic decision of majority, but a process of feeling the importance and truth direction of an ambition.

Do we want really help earth and next generations or is it about business for making money, reputation, egoistic power in the green washing name of sustainable sustainability?

So we have to discuss a ladder of values before starting a financial funding for a so called sustainable project. Robert Jungk has developped the concept and method of Future Workshop (Zukunftswerkstatt), which allows to bring together all perspectives of all kind of people.

This is my offer as social artist for helping moderation in policy science meeting.

For example a usefull help for UN Scientific Advisory Board SAB, Future Earth, IPBES, IPCC, IGC.


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