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Vertical Horizon Scanning 44455 – a new dimension in knowledge production

Vertical Horizon Scanning More than left and right. 44455 A spiritual model for open evolution and sustainable mankind in the universe. A new dimension in knowledge production How can we decide, which is important and which question is essential in … Weiterlesen

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Scandal: IPBES Antalya lost credibility because of GMO HGT pollination affair Dirkmarkus Lichtenberger

“Why IPBES also in Antalya suppresses biodiversity dangers from GMO HGT in Pollination Crop Seed Food Security?” asked Dipl. Biol. Dirkmarkus Lichtenberger also in some critical questions at 2. Nationales Forum zu IPBES Bonn 2013. “IPBES lost scientific credibility by … Weiterlesen

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Sustainable Jobs for Transition Town Portugal Algarve 1 Direct Democracy

What kind of job do we need in a transition town? Social Art gives us some important perspectives how we can live together in a more pacifistic and sustainable way. One of my favorites, not only my personal favorit for … Weiterlesen

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